Alberta Resident Hunts

Guinn Outfitters is please to offer residents a great opportunity to come on a guided hunt.  We offer Elk, whitetail/mule deer, and bighorn sheep hunts, these are all at a discounted price because of timing, special draws, and hunt location and length of hunts.


Sheep hunting:

Cadomin draw tags (premier and resident raffle tags)

WMU 410 archery draw tags

WMU 408 archery draw tags

Special resident rifle hunt for bighorn

We have a couple good areas and typically hunt the early resident season as well as the late one.  This is primarily a horseback hunt.



These are exclusively in WMU 312. We run a three day package  which includes guide, food and accommodation.   Trophy fees apply to this hunt based on size of bull killed –  $1,500 and up.

Hunters drawn for a cow elk can hunt for as low as $300, phone and ask for details, groups welcome.


Whitetail/mule deer

WMU 312-314

These hunts are run the same as the elk hunts, with a three day minimum, and a trophy fee upon harvesting an animal.  Any first time hunters we have an excess of does, which are at a very minimal cost and for a youth quite often free, if space allows.



PLEASE CONTACT US FOR CURRENT RATES, these are trophy bull hunts only, with a very high success rate.