Bighorn Hunts

Alberta is known for producing big rams, as #1, 2 and 3 have come from this province in the last few years.  There is no drawing for tags which allows you to decide when you want to hunt. We offer a first class experience with a very good success rate.  We have received numerous ram awards, from not only the Alberta Outfitters Association but the Wild Sheep Foundation and GrandSlam Ovis.


We are allotted four non-resident Bighorn rifle tags per season.  This area has produced not only rams that average 9 years of age, but an average score very close to 170 and some exceeding 180, which puts us far above the average for the province.  It is a great area to harvest a good mature ram, and also have a chance at a big trophy of a lifetime.  We run two hunts per season, and each is proven to be equally successful.  These are 15 day hunts, and we leave a week between hunts which allows hunters to hunt a few extra days if needed.   Note: the average days hunted per harvested sheep is nine. All hunters are met in either Calgary or Edmonton, Alberta, overnight in a hotel, then arrive at the camp the following day after a short day on horseback.  This is an excellent area for those that may not be able to hike long distances, as we have pretty good horse access throughout.  This is a very comfortable tent camp with cots, bedding, wood stoves and a hot shower.  Please give us a call for full details and have all your questions answered. We also annually attend SCI, Wild Sheep and GSOvis – a great time to visit!


CANMORE archery area started to become well known back in the 1960’s when Alvin Guinn guided the very first group of bow hunters, which included FRED BEAR, Glen St. Charles, and Fred’s grandson Chris Kroll.  This hunt produced one world record.  Since that time we have had numerous clients complete their Grand Slam, and harvest numerous Pope and Young rams as well as several Boone and Crocket ones.  The most successful archer of all times, Archie Nesbitt, has taken two outstanding rams hunting with us and guided by Jonas Guinn.  This is a 14 day hunt, and we also alott a few extra days at the end, if needed.  For all the sheep hunters we have taken, our average is still above 75%.  Hunters fly into Calgary, Alberta where we pick you up and overnight at our ranch on the edge of the hunting area.  The following morning you hike into camp which is about 10 miles.  You take your bow and day pack and all gear is flown in along with the camp supplies. This is a tent camp high in the mountains and right in the middle of sheep country.